Terms and Conditions

Regarding the sale of any products on this website and including sales under the brand sold via external means should you choose to purchase from us are the following: The right to deny sales to any person for whatsoever reason deemed fit by the company -fees returned to the denied person or persons at the costs incurred via pay gates or speed points and the
like solely upon the offender. The right to fair use of the product covered in the returns policy. The right to fair use of coupons and the like. Privacy policy in accordance with governance laws of the country. Personal information submitted under purchases or accounts will be used to advertise to clients via “The Mosquito Ninja” marketing and updates on parcels will be sent to clients via mediums such as WhatsApp, message systems and email. 
Courier losses will fall to the client. The courier guy does however automatically insure up to R1000. (Subject to investigation) And Approved by courier.

The Mosquito Ninja (PTY) Ltd holds trademark to the use of its name and logo. Any parties wishing to steal this will incur the full weight of the law.

Returns & Exchange

Returns and exchanges must be submitted via email to Fabio@mosquitoninja.co.za, for speedy responce please contact 010 745 9900.


All returns and exchanges will be subject to courier fees depending on the nature of the issue.

No Refunds for whatever reason.

  • Faults located anywhere on the product 24 hours upon receiving the product (subject the investigation) no refund will be given, rather an exchange.
  • Exchanges will incur courier charges – fees via pay gates and or speed points will be factored into your exchange.
All returns and exchanges will be subject to investigation of negligence.
Returns or exchanges will take place once we have received the original product in new condition with its original packaging.

Privacy Policy

The fear we all have!

Not to worry though, we are a family run business with no need for your data and plus the data you give us is far to little to be of any value. 

Unfortunately we need your information for courier delivery, if you want to get your parcel delivered elsewhere please arrange accordingly.

Regarding card details, we cannot see your details on our server as Payfast runs paygates.

Initial communication on your product and the sell for us program will be sent to you upon product purchase. 

We may at times send you emailed newsletters or messages which you can at any point in time opt out of.

You are safe with us. 

Regards, the Mosquito Ninja Team!