Sell for Us program

Simply put: You sell our product and get paid for it!

Pricing Structure per sale of the original mosquito ninja net.

  • Single:  R158.57
  • 3/4:  R174.44
  • Double: R198.25
  • Queen: R214.13
  • King: R237.94
Order Example: 2x Single and 4x Queen – (R158.57×2 + R214.13 x4) = R1171.66


  • A valid South African ID document 
  • A valid South African bank account (details)
  • A Valid Cellphone number
  • A Valid Email Address
  • A selfie (picture of yourself)
  • An active account on this website
  • Must have purchased at least 1 item (exceptions considered)

Request our pricing structures for all other products.

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How it Works?

Click the email or WhatsApp link to the left of this text. (mobile links above)

State that you are interested in the sell for us program. Upload all the necessary requirements seen above! 

Coupons is how we do it, you will be assigned a unique coupon code upon approval of your account which your customer will enter into this website when making a purchase. The Customer will get a 5% discount of the total order value! Example: order value R8900 – 5% = R8455 (R425 off) 

Payouts done after 48 hours of customer purchase:                                                                                                          Payouts will not be charged transfer fees if taken after 1 week.

More information will be sent to you upon account approval.